About Digital memorial

Digital memorial is an Irish website that allows you to create and share the memory of your loved one online.
You can create a memorial for your loved one In 4 simple steps.
Your loved ones digital memorial can be safely shared with your family and friends online. It allows them to visit their digital memorial and leave a tribute anytime and from anywhere.
The creator of the business, Darren, is in the stone industry and erects stone memorials on a daily basis. During the Covid pandemic, he saw people’s frustrations when they couldn’t visit their loved ones’ graves because of restrictions. He sought to create an alternative way for people to visit their loved ones graveside and pay their respects.
Digital Memorials is an alternative way of visiting the grave of your loved one if it’s not possible to do so in person. It is a space you can go regularly to visit a beautiful and lasting tribute to someone you cared for. It enables people living abroad to visit their loved ones’ memorials and leave a tribute from anywhere in the world.